The Prayer Labyrinth

The Prayer Labyrinth at the center of the Jud Cramer Ascension Garden is a direct replica of the thirteenth-century labyrinth at the historic Chartes Cathedral, located near Paris, France. The labyrinth is an eleven-circuit design, divided into four quadrants.

Labyrinths were meant to be walked, as a kind of short pilgrimage or quest. The goal was to find and meet God at the center of this sacred space in the hope that the walker become closer to God along the journey into and out of the labyrinth.

The labyrinth in the Ascension Garden is a tool to be used in the same way as the original in Chartes. Our hope is that all who walk the path to its center find themselves in the presence of the God who loves them, surrounded by the saints who have walked the same journey that they are walking now.

The Arborlawn Prayer Team recently hosted a special event on how to use the labyrinth, featuring guest presenter, Rev. Wendi Berneau. The presentation can be viewed below.