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At Arborlawn, we call on our members to serve everyone who enters our doors with radical hospitality. Many churches find that Christmas Eve is one of the most guest-attended church days of the year and Arborlawn is no exception. In order to make our guests feel welcome as they attend church, possibly for the first time, we need over 100 volunteers to overwhelm our space with radical hospitality. Can we count on you?


Current Series


Kids are back to school and hitting the books! Now it’s time for us to return to worship and hit our book, the Bible. Join us on Sunday mornings as we begin a new six-week series entitled, “The Bible.” We’ll talk about why the bible remains a best-selling book, yet fewer and fewer people seem to know what’s in it. We’ll talk about how we got our bible, how we should use our bible, how Old and New Testaments relate to one another, what the bible should produce in us, and even different ways we can experience the bible. So let’s hit the books—all 66 of them—together this fall. See you Sunday!

-Rev. Chris Mesa

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Congregational Care

Arborlawn’s Congregational Care Ministry is here to serve you during all aspects of life. Whether you need prayer, a visit from a pastor, or financial assistance, our clergy and lay leaders are here to help.