Garden Features

The Jud Cramer Ascension Garden was designed very intentionally with each feature hold deep significance to this community of faith and the sacred space of the Garden.


There are two unique fountains in the Jud Cramer Ascension Garden. As one walks into this sacred space, the first fountain brings to mind images of the shoreline, the place where Christ did much of his ministry, and, indeed, the place where Jesus’ ministry began. Walking by this feature, one cannot help but remember that moment in each of the Gospels, where Christ is baptized in the Jordan River by John the Baptist. In this moment, the heavens open up and a voice is heard saying, “This is my Son, the Beloved.”

At the front of the Ascension Garden in between the columbarium walls is the Trinity Fountain. This fountain extends the imagery of water throughout the entirety of the Garden, with the addition of the imagery, by way of its three pillars, acknowledging the presence of the Triune God throughout this holy space.

And so, our hope is that all who walk the holy ground of the Garden, see these fountains, and feel God’s presence, as they remember their own baptism and give thanks to the God who loves each one of us.

Memorial Wall 

Listed in the Ascension Garden are the names of the saints who have called Arborlawn, “Home,” but who have been laid to rest elsewhere. We give thanks to God for these people: for their lives, well-lived, and for the ways in which their uniqueness and individual gifts and graces contributed to making the Arborlawn community a Home for all of us.

Reflection Garden 

As one enters into the Ascension Garden, the first area one passes is the Reflection Garden. This space is filled with beautiful flowers and greenery that change with the season. Passing by the Reflection Garden, one cannot help but pause and feel the presence of our God, living, moving, and breathing throughout every inch of this holy ground.

The Arborlawn Cross 

At the front of the Jud Cramer Ascension Garden hangs a familiar feature that can be found throughout the Arborlawn campus. The grapes on their vine at the center of this cross remind us time and time again of the words from the Gospel of John that Christ is our vine and we are the branches (John 15:5). With the cross at the front of the Garden, there is no doubt that the identity of this place called Arborlawn runs throughout the entirety of this addition to our campus.

Garden Benches 

We hope that these benches throughout the Ascension Garden offer a hospitable place for visitors to the Garden to sit with loved ones who now rest in the columbarium, or for those in prayer as they use the labyrinth to spend time with our God.