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“I am the True Vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, then you will produce much fruit.”
-John 15:5

True Vine Discipleship

We wholeheartedly believe that Jesus Christ, who is our vine, is present with us always. There is no separating us as beloved children of God—as branches—from this vine, but the choice to grow, flourish, and bear fruit is up to us. We call the process of our growth, flourishing, and fruit bearing: True Vine Discipleship. Just like in the gardens at our homes or in our communities, at Arborlawn United Methodist Church, we encourage our branches to grow on an “Arbor.” The arbor isn’t made of raw materials; the arbor is the church. It is our hope that each person in our community becomes a fruit-bearing branch on the arbor that is Arborlawn United Methodist Church. It is hard to predict exactly how long a branch will grow, how many leaves it will have, or how much fruit will come from it. But, we can say with certainty that under the right conditions, from pruning, to water and sunlight, to time and attention, a branch will grow and bear fruit. We know that God has called and created each of us as unique and beloved children of God, and yet we know that under the right conditions from worship and personal devotion, to study and community, to being good stewards, to service and justice, and to the making of other disciples, a person will become a disciple of Jesus Christ and bear much fruit.

Our challenge

Here at Arborlawn UMC we want people to pursue becoming a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, committed to learning and growing in faith. This is no easy task. Discipleship is, quite simply, that way of life by which we grow in faith. As leaders we must set forth opportunities for people to engage in personal and corporate learning and growing in faith. Each person’s fruit-bearing may look different, but Jesus remains our Vine and this church our Arbor.

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If you are looking to grow in your own discipleship, and would like to join a small group or Sunday School class, find a short term study, or have questions about the many opportunities to Meet God, Connect with People, and Live Missionally at Arborlawn, please contact our Discipleship Coordinator, Abby Johnson (

curriculum Resources

Looking for a books or curriculum for yourself or a group study? Check out our Curriculum Resource page for available options. We have many online options as well as a physical library located in Abby Johnson's office. Please feel free to visit the Library during business hours. 

If you are interested in making suggestions of materials to add, please email Abby Johnson at