Staff Requests

Scheduling Request

To schedule a room or space for your meeting, event, or other programming, please complete the Scheduling Request Form by clicking the button below. For questions, contact Matt Morrison (

Media Request Process

  • Media requests must be submitted using the electronic form below, or using the hard copy form available for download here. Requests made through email or in passing will not be received.

  • Requests for graphics and video must be made at least one month in advance to allow for projects to be completed with as much excellence as possible.

  • All requests will be filtered through Ethan and prioritized accordingly.

  • Please allow 48 hours (excluding weekends) after submitting your request for a follow-up response from Ethan or Michael.

  • A media request calendar is posted on the door between Ethan and Michael’s office. Feel free to stop-by to check-in and see where your request is on the list.

Media Request Form

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Please provide all pertinent details for the project: Details to include on the graphic; persons to contact for video; etc....