Arborlawn Runners

What, Where, When?

Arborlawn Runners is a social running club in Fort Worth hosted by Arborlawn United Methodist Church! It is available to not only our members, but the entire Fort Worth community! Runners and walkers of all ability and experience levels are welcome to join us! We will meet every Monday at 6 pm (7 pm during the summer) at the Grove at Waterside (next to the BIG CHAIR). We will provide time for people to show up, check-in, and stretch before making some group announcements and instructions. The 5k run will start about 6:30 (7:30 during the summer) on the nearby Trinity Trails. Following the run, stick around for a post-run social at one of the Waterside establishments that will be announced on that week’s Facebook event. Feel free to RSVP on our weekly Facebook event or just show up!

Who should attend?

Arborlawn Runners is for anyone interested in running or walking and being connected with a fun, caring group of people. If you run regularly, you are welcome! If you are just getting started and want a pressure free environment to become a better runner, you are welcome! If you don’t like running and just want to walk with friends and meet new people, you are welcome! All abilities and experience levels are welcome!

How much does this cost?

It is absolutely free to participate in the social runs! There are no fees involved at all. You will be responsible for whatever food or beverages you voluntarily purchase as part of the post-run social. From time to time we might have items such as running shirts available for purchase voluntarily. We might even have an opportunity for you to earn a t-shirt for free!) We might at times take up voluntary donations to support specific causes or mission projects.

I can’t run a 5k (3.1 miles)! Should I even come?

“Yes! When I started running in January of 2016, I could barely run a quarter mile without stopping. On Thanksgiving of that same year, I ran a half-marathon. Wherever you are in you running/walking journey, you are welcome!” - Nick Scott

The more experienced runners will run the whole loop. Others are encouraged to turn around on their run or walk when they begin seeing members of our group passing them going the other way or about 20 minutes after the run/walk begins.

Why is a church hosting this?
What does this have to do with Jesus?

We believe that God cares about more than our minds and our souls. God also deeply cares about the bodies which God has given us. Think of it as whole being discipleship.

Many people have discovered that living healthier lives and being connected to a community also improves how they feel about the state of their mind and soul! Body, Mind and Soul are all connected! Jesus said that he came so that we “could have life” and “live life to the fullest” (John 10:10 [CEB]). This is one way we are trying to help people live fuller, more joy filled lives!

So maybe you consider yourself a disciple and want to follow Jesus more closely. Or maybe you don’t care about being a disciple, but you know you want to be active and meet good people. No matter who you are, you are welcome!

Can I bring children?

We will not be providing childcare while you run, BUT here are some ways that bringing children can work! If your child is small enough for a stroller, run or walk with the stroller! If your child can’t run fast or very far, walk with us and let them walk/jog alongside you. If your child is a little older and can keep up with the runners, bring them and let them join in! We would love for this to be something your whole family can participate in, but ultimately you are responsible for the welfare of whichever children you bring.

Where should I park?

Waterside has requested that we park in the parking garage. If you do so, there is an exit that exits out into the Grove.

This FAQ didn’t answer my question. who can I contact to get my actual question answered?

Arborlawn Runners is led by Rev. Nick Scott, the lead pastor of Rooted Worship. If you have more questions, you can reach Nick at