Serving the community around us

Academy 4

Arborlawn continues its mission to serve locally through Academy 4. Academy 4 is a leadership mentoring program for 4th graders, and is an easy way to make a real impact - even if you have a lot on your plate. All it takes is 90 minutes once a month.

We provide you with 

  • Training

  • Easy to follow mentoring curriculum

  • Fun activities to enjoy with your 4th grader

All you need is the eagerness to serve!

The 90 minutes you spend will be one of the most rewarding parts of your month! 

Arborlawn’s challenge is to provide 95 mentors - one for every 4th grader at Westcliff Elementary! We also need club leaders and other support staff. Talk to existing mentors to discover the impact on students!

For more information, visit

Contact: Kelly Soter-Gunn: 

Kids Hope USA

A team of Arborlawn members volunteer as mentors to students at Fort Worth’s J. T. Stevens Elementary through the national organization Kids Hope USA. Mentoring takes only one hour each week, and the positive changes made in both the kids and the adults is beyond measure. 

Mentors undergo a one-day training program that equips them to provide the most quality experience to the children.

We are currently recruiting mentors for the 2019-2020 school year.

Contact: Shirley Watkins: or
Laurie Ryan:

Bridge to Housing

We are pleased to report that we have our first client of Catholic Charities participating in our Bridge to Housing program. CCFW has been working with this client since February to restore her credit and find an apartment in proximity to her job and within a realistic budget. She is a single mom with three kids: an 11 year old daughter and 14 and 18 year old sons. We recently learned that she has finally been approved for an apartment. During this time of transition and moving, we are called to support this family and help meet their needs. As the family gets settled, we will organize other opportunities for you to engage in sharing meals, stocking a pantry, and offering mentoring opportunities. If you are called to help support this family, please email Wilson Woods at

United Community Centers

Arborlawn supports the mission and work of United Community Centers, Inc., (UCC) a distinctively United Methodist organization in Fort Worth comprised of three community centers: Polytechnic Center, Bethlehem Center, and Wesley Center.

A highlight of Arborlawn’s involvement with UCC is our annual fundraising event, Styles & Smiles Fashion Show. Volunteers from Arborlawn also help staff the Clothes Closets at the centers. The UCC was formed by local United Methodist Women more than a century ago and continues to serve the neediest residents of our city today. UCC programs empower individuals, strengthen families, and enrich communities.

Contact: Joanne Bittiker:

Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP)

Established in 2004, the Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP) is a Houston-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. PEP has pioneered innovative programs that connect executives, entrepreneurs, MBA students and interested volunteers with convicted felons both in and out of prison. An intensive 9-month, faith-infused character development and entrepreneurship boot camp (utilizing volunteers as teachers and business plan consultants), re-entry programs (transition houses and mentors program) are proven solutions for preventing recidivism, maximizing self-sufficiency and transforming broken lives. External research by Baylor University demonstrates that PEP’s recidivism rate is less than 10% for its graduates as compared to 40-60% of prisoners that have no involvement in this type of program.

PEP has recently expanded its program to the Sanders Estes Unit of the Texas Department of Corrections located a few miles east of Alvarado in Venus, Texas….a 30 minute drive from AUMC. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available including direct program involvement with the prisoners in prison as well as after they have been released including encouragers, executive coaches, mentors, spiritual leaders, and other roles. For more information, visit

Contact: Joy Dister-Dominguez:

Habitat for Humanity

Arborlawn members provide sweat equity and dollars to support building projects through Trinity Habitat for Humanity. Volunteer work includes construction, cleanup, and food preparation. Arborlawn has helped build seven Habitat homes.

Contact: Patricia Johnson: