You weren’t meant to live this life alone, and you can’t follow Christ or become who you were meant to be in isolation. We all need a community of real relationships where we can be who we really are. Those relationships provide the support, encouragement, and accountability we need to live the lives God is calling us to live. That is why we have Group Life at Arborlawn.

We have almost 30 groups meeting and living life together already. If you would like to join a group of your own, simply attend one of our group launch experiences throughout the year. 

curriculum Resources

Looking for a books or curriculum for yourself or a group study? Check out our Curriculum Resource page for available options. We have many online options as well as a physical library located in Abby Johnson's office. Please feel free to visit the Library during business hours. 

If you are interested in making suggestions of materials to add, please email Abby Johnson at

If you have questions about Group Life at Arborlawn, we encourage you to contact our Discipleship Coordinator, Abby Johnson at