Worship & Music at Arborlawn

Come experience the transforming power, grace, and love of God with us through worship. We worship in two distinct styles every Sunday. Our two traditional services take place in the sanctuary at 8:45 and 11:00, and our contemporary service begins precisely at 11:11 in the worship center. Both services include excellent music and preaching.

Traditional Worship

There is something within all of us that seeks tradition. Maybe it’s a connection to the past, a familiar memory of a special time that brings us comfort in our often turbulent lives. Maybe it’s a link to our communal history, a sense of union with those who came before us. But there’s some deep desire to connect with our past, to continue our traditions.

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Eleven11 Worship

The Eleven11 service is a service grounded in the traditional understanding of worship, yet it combines contemporary music with an authentic and practical message. Each week we gather to sing, pray, enter into the Scriptures through preaching, and to gather at Christ’s table for weekly Communion.

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Music Ministries

Music and worship are incredibly important in the life of our church. There’s a place for everyone, and we would welcome you to join us either by participating in any of our worship arts ensembles or camps or by simply attending concerts. Whether you have young children, students in middle and high school, or whether you, as an adult, would like to sing in Chancel Choir or play in a handbell ensemble, there is a place for you. Most importantly, as United Methodists, we believe that God has created us to be singing people, and we know that God loves it when we sing! So, join us in Music at Arborlawn!

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Concerts at Arborlawn

Concerts at Arborlawn features 24+ concerts during its fourth season. It is our joy to make our space available for the making of music to be enjoyed by the Fort Worth community.

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