You may not want to admit it, but we all have our doubts. We all have moments when we don’t know if we truly believe what we say we believe. Other times we find ourselves in a pit so deep that we question whether it is even worth believing. What do we do with this doubt? Should we ignore it or embrace it? Run away from it or press into it? Join us for this three-week worship series where we will face our own unbelief by exploring the scriptures and our lives to see how God responds to our unbelief. We will discover together that the grace of God is strong enough to handle any doubt.

Small Group Questions: Sunday January 15, 2017
Week 1: Help My Unbelief

  1. Recalling the scripture, Mark 9:20-27, or the sermon you listened to, what stands out to you as most important?
  2. Why do you think Jesus still helped this man and his son?
  3. When you were growing up, were you given permission to have and talk about your doubts about God or your faith?
  4. What doubts do you have now? What do you struggle with?
  5. Why do you continue to seek a relationship with God and why does God continue to seek a relationship with you?

    Next Step:
    Whatever it is, at some level it’s easy for us to identify with the man who shouts at Jesus, “I believe; help my unbelief!” And the thing about following Jesus is that this belief and unbelief is absolutely ok. This week, re ect on those aspects of your faith that you struggle with or perhaps those areas where you doubt God’s presence. Sit with these moments and trust that God does some of God’s best work in the midst of our unbelief.

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