Starting Small
In this sermon series, we go back and recapture the basic understanding of faith from the perspective of a child. Small steps lead to great journeys. Simple lessons lead to profound faith. “Unless you become like a child you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven:” which means we have a lot to unlearn before we get there.

Leave it to Jesus to turn the world’s logic on its head. To be great, we must become like something we have grown out of…children. As we enter adolescence we try everything we can to make sure that no one thinks of us as children. This trend often continues into adulthood. But this sermon series, Starting Small, has taught us that adults have a lot to learn from children. Jesus makes this plain this week in our sermon scripture, Matthew 18:1-5.

Small Group Questions: Sunday, September 11, 2016

Week 6: A Church that Welcomes Children

  • In reading Mark 18:1-5 and/or recalling the sermon you listened to, what did you find most interesting or important?
  • During this series what is the one childlike quality you think you would benefit most from rediscovering? (knowing you are loved, wonder/curiosity, playful, creative, or being fully known.)
  • What was the significance of Jesus putting the child “among” them? Why did he not just reference a child?
  • What is it about children that makes them good examples of humility? How were the disciples lacking this?
  • When you interact with others are you open as much to being influenced by them as much as you are to influencing them? When is the last time you were surprised by someone’s influence over you?

Taking the Next Step of Discipleship
This week take the next step of discipleship and spend time with a child. Do this not only so that you can influence them, but so that you might be influenced by them and reminded of what it is like to be a kid. We need the playfulness, creativity, and humility of children in our lives and in our church. Let us join Jesus in welcoming them.

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