Between The Lines: The Theology of Baseball – Introduction
What does the game of Baseball have to do with the way we live out our faith? Three strikes, a sacrifice fly, advancing the runners, and crossing home plate. Is there really a theology of Baseball and can it teach us something about the way we ought to live? You’d be surprised.

I’ve watched a lot of baseball on every level. I enjoy watching the Texas Rangers this year, especially the relationship between Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus. They play with the kind of joy and enthusiasm that somehow gets lost with a lot of other professional players. It’s the same kind of joy you will find in every t-ball game you watch (as long as the adults behave themselves)! This week we look at what we can learn from the humility of a child just playing ball.

Small Group Questions: Sunday, June 5, 2016

Week 1: Play Ball

  • In reading Matthew 18:1-5 and/or recalling the sermon you listened to, what did you find most interesting or important?
  • Did you play baseball (or another sport) growing up? What is your favorite memory from that time? What made is special?
  • How would you describe the kind of humility discussed in this week’s sermon? Why is it important in baseball and in life?
  • Who in your life has displayed that kind of humility the best? What can you tell your group about that person or persons?
  • What are some areas in your life where you need to display humility?

Taking the Next Step of Discipleship
Jesus invites us to let go and embrace humility in order to see the kingdom of heaven. To truly love another requires humility. We must be humble to release ourselves from our tendency to judge others for their faults instead of recognizing our shared brokenness and need for grace. This week, something or someone will upset you. Instead of reacting, remember the grace you have been extended, the invitation to humility, and respond from love rooted in Christ.

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