On Demand Introduction

Amazon has a new service where you literally just push a button and they will deliver laundry detergent to your house. You can watch nearly any movie or tv show ever made at any time of day or night without leaving your couch. We are accustomed to things being available On Demand. How then do we relate to a God who doesn’t play by those same rules? In this series we want to rediscover the power and joy of waiting, being patient, and being satisfied in Christ. This Sunday we conclude this series by talking about worrying less and taking time to give God thanks.

Small Group Questions: Sunday, May 8, 2016

1) Reading Matthew 6:25-34, what do you think Jesus’ message is?
2) What did you find most interesting in the sermon you listened to?
3) Do you worry about having enough? What do you consider to be enough for you?
4) Do you think the pursuit of wealth keeps others from having their enough? Why or why not?
5) What do you think is healthy and unhealthy to worry about?

Taking the Next Step of Discipleship

On this Mother’s Day I remember that my mother always made sure her children were equally provided for. Taking it further she urged us to care for one another by sharing what we had with each other, regardless of what we thought was fair. God wants all of God’s children to be provided for. As followers of Jesus, today’s text invites us to ask: does personal pursuit of wealth contribute to the reality that some of our brothers and sisters simply don’t have enough to make it day-to-day? Whether it be food, clothing, or other resources for living, what we sometimes may have in abundance, others may not have at all. Take the next step of discipleship this week and share something of yours to help someone else have enough.

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