On Demand Introduction

Amazon has a new service where you literally just push a button and they will deliver laundry detergent to your house. You can watch nearly any movie or tv show ever made at any time of day or night without leaving your couch. We are accustomed to things being available On Demand. How then do we relate to a God who doesn’t play by those same rules? In this series we want to rediscover the power and joy of waiting, being patient, and being satisfied in Christ.This Sunday we conclude this series by talking about worrying less and takingtime to give God thanks.

Small Group Questions: Sunday, May 01, 2016

1) What did you find most interesting in the sermon you listened to?

2) Psalm 23 and the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:7-14) are probably the two most familiar prayers in scripture. Can you read these prayers as though you never had heard them before? Do you discover anything new?

3) Do you struggle with knowing how to pray? Why do you think that is?

4) Will you share with us about an unanswered prayer in your life either from your past or present circumstances? How do we deal with that?

5) Do you pray to be shaped by God, to shape God, or both?

Taking the Next Step of Discipleship

“We all need help in praying. It’s a struggle for even the best of us. What constitutes a good prayer? Are we saying the right words? Is God really listening? Is it alright to pray for things we want? How often should we pray? The disciples are no different from us when it comes to wondering just how to pray. Wanting to learn more they come to Jesus and say, “Lord, teach us to pray”. He offers a model of prayer we continue to use to this day. We call it the Lord’s Prayer. In a few short sentences it embodies a profound understanding about the nature of God and the power of prayer. This week when you struggle to find the words; when you want to pray but don’t know where to begin, take the Lord’s Prayer and begin there. Read it, slow down and pay attention to the words. Pray it again and again until the words and meaning become clearer. The disciples asked Jesus, “Lord, teach us to pray” because they wanted to pray like him. With that prayer they began to pray like Jesus, and the more they prayed the more they became like Jesus. The more they became like Jesus, their lives and the world began to change. Pray like Jesus so that you become more like Jesus.

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