If you are active on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you might see this hashtag pop up on your feed from time to time: #blessed. Even if you don’t use social media, you know that we often use the word casually in conversation when someone compliments us on a promotion or when we get a new car. “God has truly blessed us.” But the word ‘blessed’ means so much more than lucky or advantaged. As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, we will spend two weeks discovering what it really means to say we are blessed and what that means for the way we live our lives.

When we first hear of Abram who will become Abraham, God tells him that he will be blessed. His name will be great. And it was. We still talk about him today. But with that blessing came the understanding that Abraham would then in turn be a blessing to others. Being blessed in and of itself is never where the blessings should end. Being blessed is not what makes someone great. Being a blessing is a sign of true greatness. So we ask ourselves today how we can know we are blessed and then pass on that blessing to others.

Small Group Questions: Sunday, November 20, 2016

Week 2: #blessed to be a blessing

  • In reading Genesis 12:1-3 and/or recalling the sermon you listened to, what did you find most interesting or important?
  • What else do you know about the story of Abraham? Was his life always great? What do you think God meant when God said “I will bless you?”
  • Who in your life has been the biggest blessing? Why do you say that?
  • What is most important to you about your relationship with God? How do you think God has blessed you?
  • How can you bless others? How can you reveal a God of love to others?

Taking the Next Step of Discipleship
We are blessed to have a relationship with God. The way we bless others is through revealing that God to others through our words and actions. Take the next step of discipleship this week and be a blessing. Give to someone what you think God would give them. Will it be a hug, a meal, a listening ear, an encouragement, or something unique to their circumstance? Only you can do it. Will you?

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