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Welcome to Arborlawn! The essence of who we are and what we do is best summed up this way; Meet God, Connect with People, Live Missionally. The entire framework for the life and ministry of Arborlawn is built on these three essential movements of the heart and spirit. If you’re searching for more information about Arborlawn this site is a good place to start. But if you’re searching for something deeper in life; if you’re looking for a place that can point you to God, connect you with others and help you give yourself away in love and service, then I invite you to come and join us in our journey together.


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Staff at Arborlawn

The leadership of Arborlawn United Methodist Church serve together in unique ways, utilizing their God-given talents to fulfill our mission to Make Disciples of Jesus Christ.


Chris Mesa

Senior Pastor

Nick Scott-web

Nick Scott

Lead Pastor, 11:11

Joy Dister-Dominguez

Associate Pastor

Verne Fuqua-web

Verne Fuqua

Associate Pastor

Children’s Ministry

Kim Cordell-web

Kim Cordell

Children’s Ministries

Kumiko Porter

Nursery Director

Student Ministry


JT Thomas

Director of Student Ministries

Michael Proctor-web

Michael Proctor

Student Discipleship Coordinator

Rachel Fields-web

Rachel Moraw

Student Program Coordinator


Leah Rodriguez

Discipleship Assistant


Abby Johnson-web

Abby Johnson

Discipleship Coordinator

Leah Rodriguez

Discipleship Admin

Music Ministry

Michael Plantz

Choral Director

Karen Gossett-web

Karen Gossett

Worship Arts Administrator

Jerry Westenkuehler

Associate Director of Music Ministries

Cammie Avers

Cammie Avers

Director of Contemporary Music

Arborlawn Children’s Academy Preschool

Kathy Wymer-web

Kathy Wymer


Emily Chumchal-web

Emily Chumchal

Assistant Director

Office Staff

Robert Warden

Church Administrator

Joe Melhart-web

Joe Melhart

Business Administrator

Nell Cantwell-web

Nell Cantwell

Assistant Business Administrator

Sherry Roth-web

Sherry Roth

Office Manager

Ethan Gregory

Director of Communications

Michael Proctor

A/V Communications

Sue McGinnis-web

Sue McGinnis

Wedding Coordinator

Herman Holbert-web

Herman Holbert

Facilities Manager

Jane Walker

Event Coordinator

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